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Add a touch of style to your home with our selection of home decor products. From ceramic vases to decorative accents, we have everything you need to create a beautiful living space.


Product type


Pitcher Glass Vase

Rs. 799 - Rs. 2,199

Modern Ceramic Vase

Rs. 1,699

Modern Ceramic Vase

Rs. 2,249

Modern Ceramic Vase

Rs. 1,399 - Rs. 2,799

Minimalist Ceramic Vase

Rs. 1,649 - Rs. 2,349

Moon Ceramic Vase

Rs. 3,299 - Rs. 5,599

Orbit ceramic vase

Rs. 1,449 - Rs. 2,449

Marvellous Planter

Developed the concept of exclusivity, a Sol'ace features timeless furniture, with natural fabrics, curved lines, plenty of mirrors and classic design

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modern design and beautiful concrete planter