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Blaze 30W LED Grow Light white

Rs. 3,049

Blaze 25W LED grow light white

Rs. 2,799

Blaze 12W LED grow light Black

Rs. 1,699

Blaze 12W LED grow light White

Rs. 1,699

Blaze 40W LED grow light black

Rs. 3,799

Blaze 30W LED grow light black

Rs. 3,049

Donut table lamp

Rs. 4,999

Hanai floor lamp

Rs. 20,999

Modern Ceramic Vase

Rs. 1,699

Modern Ceramic Vase

Rs. 2,249

Modern Ceramic Vase

Rs. 1,399 - Rs. 2,799

Moon Ceramic Vase

Rs. 3,299 - Rs. 5,599

Orbit ceramic vase

Rs. 1,449 - Rs. 2,449

Marvellous Planter

Developed the concept of exclusivity, a Sol'ace features timeless furniture, with natural fabrics, curved lines, plenty of mirrors and classic design

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modern design and beautiful concrete planter