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We at Plantastic curating modern, minimal and nordic decor products which will make your house a Home so you can live your spaces. We hope we can help create the ideal home environment for you. We strived to craft a modern and composed Scandinavian collection that is truly unique.

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We're not maker yet but we're trying hard to curate some beautiful Modern Home decor products. We appreciate your support and will do our best to earn your trust. If you're looking for the perfect gift, we can help. We are preparing to launch a Modern Home Decor curation shop but we need the support of the community to make this come true. As young designers, we want to make apartment more beautiful. Our goal is to create a convenient and stylish home decor store that customers could purchase any home decor they like from all over the world in a few clicks. Currently, we are just curating. 
We select Interior Decor products for you and we always focus on bringing you the best deals, newest trends and most creative ideas from your favourite brands.


It all start with an idea to provide Indian plant parent community some beautiful pots and planters, as Indian plant community and decor enthusiast were struggling to find some good and nordic looking pots so we decided to curate them for our plant community, Started in April 2021 it's been more than a year now and finally we're expanding our collection. Now we're introducing more categories like Kitchen, Furnishing, Home Decor and more :)

Marvellous Planter

concrete planters are not only practical but they are beautiful. The concrete is textured on the top to keep the soil and water in place with a drainage area at the bottom.

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Doge glass vase

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Basic planter

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