Top 5 Plants for Beginners


Top 5 Plants for Beginners

When a pandemic hits the globe in 2020 everything changed since then, During the lockdown many get attached to Gardening 🪴. Now-days it's very common to see plants inside the home and yes we call them "Houseplants" .🪴 But growing plants inside your home isn't an easy job specially when you're not aware of plants care and which plants can grow inside hassle free, that's why i'm writing this Blog to help those who's just starting to grow plants indoor 😉 I'm mentioning 5 plants below which is good for beginners and really beautiful. also explaining care tips in just minimal ways so a beginner plant parent can understand easily 😊 If you aren't a beginner plant parent then you can skip this blog as this is specifically for beginners. 🪴

Note: As I live in India so the Information I'm writing down is what I experienced in tropical or sub-tropical climates.

1. Philodendron Squamiferum

Philodendron Squamiferum is very easy to care philodendron and can grow in medium light as well.


philodendron squamiferum



Light condition: We know houseplants love bright indirect light and if we provide them good amount of bright light (indirect) then they'll thrive very well. But there are some plants which can tolerate medium to low light as well and Philodendron Squamiferum is one of the. I don't recommend low light but yes it can live in medium light as well. Medium light can effect the growth rate but at least your plant won't die. One more thing keep in mind that plant conditions depends on other fact too like soil, watering, air flow etc, so if your plant is in Medium light and not doing well then you must check other fact too.

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Soil: Personally most of the time i use similar kind of soil mix for 70% of my houseplants. A soil mix should be airy, good draining and well fertilised. Most of the time i used a mix of Premium soil mix (you can get some from amazon), Vermi compost, perlite, succulent mix, dry sphagnum moss, orchid mix and some red soil as well. Recently i made a premium SoilMix which include total 13 ingredients 🤤 and yes it's fungus free as well.

Watering: Most of the Philodendron like watering when soil gets almost dry. So checkout the soil with your finger or any wooden stick, if soil feels wet then wait till it get dry and water it when top 2-3 inches gets dry. water it slowly and when water comes out from the drainage holes then stop watering 😊 Also if you use decorative pot then make sure to throw access water from decorative pot 🪴

Fertilising: Fertilising your plants is really necessary for better growth. I use seaweed or Liquid fish fertiliser twice in a month. if you get confused how much quantity you should use then go with less quantity, remember Under fertilising is always better than over fertilise. Alway read the label and understand how to use the fertiliser 😊 If you get Confused feel free to DM me at instagram profile (Link)

Humidity: Some Philodendrons are really hard though and yes squamiferum is one of them, that why i'm mentioning it as a beginners plant. It can thrive in between 30-50% humidity 💦 I always prefer using a humidifier for increasing the humidity. Sometimes i mist the plants regularly so leaves gets shiny and this way i cleaned the dirt as well 😊


2. Philodendon Burle Marx

Philodendron Burle Marx is my favourite plant actually and if you'll ever get a chance to visit my home then you'll see why i'm saying this 😁 

philodenddron burle marx


Light condition: If you know this plant then you can often see it growing in open areas like roadside or in garden or maybe outside home. And the reason I love this plant is Burle Marx can grow in direct sunlight and in low light as well. If you're growing plants in home then first main problem every plant parent face is Light condition so Philodendron Burle marx is totally perfect for beginners, you can keep this plant in any corner of your house, in low light growth will be slow for sure but yes you can achieve a green corner with the help of this plant without worrying that it could die 🪴

Soil: Same You can use same soil as Philodendron Squamiferum (Honestly i use similar soil in 70-80% of my houseplant and yes it works)

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Watering: Same as above (Philodendron squamiferum)🪴

Fertilising: Same as above (Philodendron squamiferum)🪴

Humidity: Same as above (Philodendron squamiferum)🪴


3. Ponytail Palm

Ponytail palm is One of really underrated plant, I found this plant really outstanding and can create a beautiful green corner in your home with their long hair like leaves 🏡

I personally like this because of many reasons like very easy to care, low light tolerant and of course looks beautiful same time 😊 and guess what this plant is very affordable too (Mature plant could be a bit expensive but i'll recommend to start with a smaller plant)

ponytail palm



Light condition: When i got this plant i was worrying about light conditions since i really didn’t have have any idea at that moment but after few weeks i realised that this plant can tolerate very low light, as usual it'll grow slowly in low light but i was so happy to see it's thriving in low to medium light. Best thing is if you want to grow it in full sunlight then yes you can 😊

Soil: Same You can use similar soil as mentioned above or even normal garden soil works perfect for this plant as ponytail don't ask you so much 🪴

Watering: Ponytail palm can tolerate dry soil for very long period as they store water and nutrients in their potato like steam (fix this) I barely water it twice in a month and it never complained 😬. Always avoid overwatering, let the soil get dry completely then water it.

You can avoid overwatering by using narrow spout watering can, and we have perfect stainless steel watering can. Check here

Fertilising: Fertilise once in a month and would be enough

Humidity: Ponytail can thrive in normal condition, this plant don't really need any special treatment. so just ignore humidity part.


4. Dieffenbachia

Dieffenbachias are one of easiest plant, you can grow them in any corner of your home. Always remember low light could effect the growth but yes it won't die at least and there are a lot of dieffenbachias. some of them are really beautiful 😊 




Light condition: Dieffenbachias like Bright to Medium indirect light but as i mentioned they can tolerate low light as well just won't grow fast. so if possible try to give it at least medium light and it'll thrive for sure.

Soil: You can use normal garden soil for this plant and they don't mind, otherwise you can use any premium soil mix (same as above plants).

Watering: Water it once soil gets completely dry🪴, always keep in mind that most of plant parents kill the Houseplant by overwatering not by under-watering.

Fertilising: Once in a month is good🪴

Humidity: Try to provide 30-50% humility and they'll be good 🪴


5. ZZ

One of the easiest plant i've ever seen is ZZ (Zamioculcas zamiifolia). Both ZZ (green and raven) are similar in care. They can grow even in darkest corner of the Home (slow growth in low light). If you're beginner then grab this plant and you'll definitely gain some confidence after growing it successfully 😁    




Light condition: I mentioned that ZZ can grow in darkest corner of your home but one thing always remember, not a single plants like low light conditions as they need some sun light (direct or indirect) so that they can make food for themselves. ZZ can grow really big if you'll provide them good amount of indirect light, however they won't die in medium or low light conditions and you can decorate any corner of your home with this plant. 🏡

Soil: You can use same soil as above plants.

Watering: trust me this plant can live without water more than a month but you can easily kill it by overwatering so Always water it only once soil gets completely dry🪴

Fertilising: Once in a month is good🪴

Humidity: ZZ can grow in normal home condition so never mind the humidity 🪴


Pro Tip- 

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