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Blaze 12W LED grow light Grey

The Blaze 12W grow light is specifically designed to help houseplants thrive. This light provides 12 W of power, and its carefully calibrated spectrum ensures optimal healing and growth for greenery. Enjoy longer, fuller leaves and more colorful blooms with the Blaze 12W grow light. Holder Type: E27

Rs. 1,699.00

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Dimensions Length: 9.5cm, Diameter: 6.5cm
Material Aluminium
Discover the remarkable benefits of the Blaze 12W Grow Light, a meticulously designed lighting solution crafted to nurture your houseplants to their fullest potential.

Holder Type: E27
Warranty: 1Year
Wattage: 12W
Color Rendering Index (Ra): 98

24Degree: Select this if you're planning to give it a good distance from plants.

60Degree: Select this if you want to use it closer to the plants

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